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Chameleon Paint Pearls Dablamp

$209.00 $249.00 saving $40.00
Chameleon Paint Pearls Dablamp

Chameleon Paint Pearls Dablamp

$209.00 $249.00 saving $40.00

Here by popular demand, Dablamp Erig comes out with a Chameleon Paint Pearls limited edition.The Chameleon color normally is used for the super cars, but we change a paint into something that everyone can afford for maximum enjoyment! Enjoy the instant heat with the best flavors from golden wax, rosin and concentrates. Portable, fast and easy to use, grab the Dablamp and get amped today!

 Operates in two modes, automatic and manual. 

  • Automatic Heating Mode

The Dablamp incorporates an Induction Heating system which utilizes electromagnetism to heat the chamber. It’s three Smart Heating Settings determine how long the chamber is heated.

Low (Blue LED - 25 seconds)

Mid (Green LED - 35 seconds)

High (Red LED - 40 seconds)

The default mode is Mid (Green LED).

  • Manual Heating Mode

The Dablamp enables you to manually heat the chamber by holding the heating button and then wait for vapor to appear and start drawing from the unit. Gently close and open the top the Glass Bubble Carb Cap with your finger tip to regulate vapor thickness.

Features: ​

  • Ergonomic Design for One Handed Operation 
  • Small, Compact and Portable
  • Induction Heating Dab Device
  • Automatic and Manual Mode
  • Clean, Pure Flavor from Quartz and SiC Inserts
  • Travel Friendly

Package Contents:

Each Dablamp kit comes with all the accessories you need. Especial the SIC bucket that people like! And it cost money, but we don’t care much. We will put anything in the kit, just for a best dab in life!

1 x Dablamp Portable Vape Rig
1 x Glass Attachment
1 x Glass Top
1 x Glass Bubble Cap
1 x Titanium Bucket
1 x Quartz Bucket
1 x SIC Bucket
1 x Power Adapter
1 x Dab Tool
1 x Portable Carrying Case