The Dablamp electronic dab rig with innovative induction heating technology amplifies flavor and brings you all the best from concentrates. Amplify the high!

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Dablamp is an innovative induction e-rig born for your perfect dabs with best flavors from golden wax, rosin and concentrates. With the press of a button the Dablamp heats up ultra fast for maximum enjoyment and you have total control of the heating time. Enjoy more up-time with a long lasting 4200mAh battery. Portable, fast and easy to use, grab the Dablamp and get amped today!



  • Induction Heating

    Advanced Induction Heating Technology heats up fast, evenly and efficiently for instant satisfaction.

  • Easy to Use

    Press the button to heat the chamber fast then enjoy the way you want with 2 heating modes:  Automatic Heating Mode and Manual Heating Mode.

  • Long Lasting

    Big 4200mAh battery capacity lasts longer for more fun!

  • Total Control

    Special Manual Control Heating mode for a best dab.

Dablamp Original Design Concept from Aladdin Magic Lamp

We are making a electronic dab rig to fulfill everyone's wishes. Check out the start of Dablamp.

Introducing the Dablamp portable eRig - Amplify the high!


Easy to Use with 3 Steps

  • Load it

    Please put the golden wax, rosin or concentrates in the bowl.

    The Dablamp electronic dab rigs is an innovative induction vaporizer.
  • Turn on the power

    Switch the main power button and then press the heating button.
    *Within 1.5 seconds - Continuous heating mode
    *After 2 seconds - Smart heating mode

    The Dablamp dab rigs is an innovative induction vaporizer.
  • Amplify the high!

    Grab the Dablamp and get amped!

    The Dablamp Enails is an innovative induction vaporizer.