Introducing the Dablamp: The Ultimate Dual-Purpose E-Rig for Dabbing Enthusiasts

Are you tired of having separate devices for your dry herbs and concentrates? Look no further than the Dablamp! This innovative induction e-rig combines the best of both worlds by allowing you to switch seamlessly between dry herbs and concentrates.



The Dablamp utilizes induction heating technology, which heats up quickly and evenly to unlock the full potential of your concentrates, wax, or rosin. The dry herb attachment produces a voluminous cloud full of flavor, making it the perfect device for those who want to enjoy the best of both worlds.


  • Induction Heating

    Advanced Induction Heating Technology heats up fast, evenly and efficiently for instant satisfaction.

  • Easy to Use

    Press the button to heat the chamber fast then enjoy the way you want with 2 heating modes:  Automatic Heating Mode and Manual Heating Mode.

  • Long Lasting

    Big 4200mAh battery capacity lasts longer for more fun!

  • Total Control

    Special Manual Control Heating mode for a best dab.

Dablamp Original Design Concept from Aladdin Magic Lamp

We are making a electronic dab rig to fulfill everyone's wishes. Check out the start of Dablamp.

Introducing the Dablamp portable eRig - Amplify the high!


Easy to Use with 3 Steps

  • Load it

    Please put the golden wax, rosin or concentrates in the bowl.

    The Dablamp electronic dab rigs is an innovative induction vaporizer.
  • Turn on the power

    Switch the main power button and then press the heating button.
    *Within 1.5 seconds - Continuous heating mode
    *After 2 seconds - Smart heating mode

    The Dablamp dab rigs is an innovative induction vaporizer.
  • Amplify the high!

    Grab the Dablamp and get amped!

    The Dablamp Enails is an innovative induction vaporizer.